Legislative School Law Update 2017

By Rebekah R. Jacobson, Shareholder

The 2017 Oregon Legislature passed many bills affecting school districts, ESDs and charter schools on topics ranging from drones, to “lunch shaming” to  pay equity provisions. We summarized the major legislation, as well as the technical bills, affecting schools and provided action items to pinpoint the immediate impact on your district. Highlights include requirements for volunteer background checks and new deadlines for complying with public record requests. Follow the link to access the full document: 2017 Legislative Changes

Quite a few community college specific bills were passed this session as well. Follow the link to access the full document tailored to community colleges: 2017 Legislative Session Summary: Community Colleges

2017 Legislative Changes Seminar

Presented by: Kelly Noor, Paul Dakopolos, Rebekah Jacobson, Hank Stebbins


2017 Special Education Legal Update

Presented by: Paul Dakopolos, Kelly Noor